ProtoMed Engineering | PROTOTYPE
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Prototype Machining


ACCURACY                         SPEED                          AESTHETICS


ProtoMed’s philosophy in prototyping is to target nominal dimensions under stricter tolerances, so parts can be evaluated under ideal conditions. The closer the parts are to their intended design, the greater the chances of first pass success. 

In addition to fit, part appearance may be vital if the goal is to get investors and financing. ProtoMed strives for perfection and understands that a first impression has a lasting effect.

Time can be a major constraint in prototyping. Thus, ProtoMed will work from solid models with our without drawings.

  • Accepted File Types For Models

    • Part (.prt, .sldprt) Preferred

    • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)

    • IGES (.igs)

    • STEP AP203 (.step, .stp)

    • STEP AP214 (.step, .stp)

    • ProE (.prt)

  • Accepted File Types For Drawings

    • Adobe Format (.pdf) Preferred

    • DWG (.dwg)