ProtoMed Engineering | Design - Prototype - Production for Medical Devices
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ProtoMed provides design and manufacturing services to medical device companies. With industry experience in R&D and manufacturing, we can provide the extra resources to accelerate your time to market.

Design Services

ProtoMed can provide design assistance with hand held instruments, miniature mechanisms and fixturing.

Precision Machining

Due to the inherent small size of medical device components, ProtoMed specializes in ultra small to medium sized parts and utilizes machining centers geared for such parts.  We also take advantage of 4th axis indexing on all of our mills which increases accuracy and repeatability while reducing cost.


ProtoMed was founded in 2004 by Steve Olson with the purpose of providing high quality design and manufacturing services for the medical industry. ProtoMed has a unique advantage over our competitors in that we have worked in engineering and manufacturing for medical device companies similar to our customers.

We understand and possess the skill set and mentality required to thoughtfully produce a product that will assemble correctly, work reliably and be aesthetically pleasing. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and over 20 years of experience in Research and Development specific to the medical industry, we can help you produce a product that you will be pleased with and we will be proud of.




Mailing Address:

ProtoMed Engineering, LLC
3350 Scott Blvd.

Bldg. 10

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: 408-627-7410

Fax: 408-734-0640

Email: info@