ProtoMed Engineering | PRODUCTION
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The same level of care goes into machining a production order as machining a one- off prototype.  Part compliance starts with ProtoMed’s first control point, incoming inspection, where raw material is inspected, labeled and stored to maintain identification and traceability. Product conformance is verified at three separate steps during the manufacturing process:

1) First Article Inspection

2) In-process monitoring

3) Final inspection

Measurements are taken using our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and standard, regularly calibrated measuring tools.  Final inspection sample size is determined using a client specified sampling plan or ProtoMed’s internal sampling plan if not specified.

Consistency can be a challenge when a part moves from prototyping to production.  ProtoMed minimizes operations with the use of 4th axis indexing and part specific tooling to maintain accuracy and repeatability.

  • Accepted File Types For Models

    • Part (.prt, .sldprt) Preferred

    • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)

    • IGES (.igs)

    • STEP AP203 (.step, .stp)

    • STEP AP214 (.step, .stp)

    • ProE (.prt)

  • Accepted File Types For Drawings

    • Adobe Format (.pdf) Preferred

    • DWG (.dwg)